‘Asking questions’ videos

Asking questions of a health worker is something many people said they were not always comfortable doing. Here is a video of Mary who doesn’t want to appear ‘silly’ by asking a question about something her physiotherapist told her earlier.


“What could Mary say now to check-back again that she understands how to use her crutches?”

Some options we used in the course were:

  • ‘I just want to go back over what you said…’
  • ‘I just want to check back that I…’
  • ‘Can I double check with you how I should take my medication?’
  • ‘If the pharmacist says “take 3ml three times a day”, I’ll say back “So I just take 3ml three times a day, is that right?”‘
  • ‘I need to make sure I’ve got this right…’
  • ‘I’m not sure I understand. Would you please repeat what you just said?’
  • ‘Thank you for telling me that. I just want to check that I’ve understood correctly. Did you mean…’
  • ‘I need to be sure I understand what I have to do…’
  • ‘Hmm, I don’t think I got it all. Can you tell me again, please?’
  • ‘That is very important information and I want to make sure I got it all. Did you say…’
  • ‘I’m not sure what you mean by…’

Watch the remainder of the video where Mary is also encouraged by her physiotherapist to ask questions at her next appointment.


‘How do you make sure you ask any questions you have at your health appointments?’

One option is to write any questions you would like to ask your health worker on our Questions handout.

Download a transcript of the above videos