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How to work through this e-learning module.

This module takes about 15 minutes to complete.
We encourage you to watch as many videos as you can. All videos have open captions.
Transcript and audio of the entire site is available from our resources page.
You may find it helpful to do this training with someone else so you can practice your check-back skills.
To start with, let’s meet Godfrey, who will guide us through the module.
Click on the white arrow in the centre to play the video.

“Does this ever happen to you? Do you sometimes feel like you haven’t quite understood, or that you can’t remember exactly what you need to do?

There are many benefits of making sure you understand the information that health workers give you. Here are a few that people shared with us.”

“One way to check everything is clear is to repeat back the information you’ve been told.

We call this process ‘check-back’. It lets both you and the health worker who is giving you the information be sure that things have been explained clearly.

Checking back is something we already know how to do because we do it every day.”

“Take a look at this short animation, which is a great summary of how check-back can make a difference for everyone.”

“You can use check-back with any health worker, even if you think they are busy. Here’s an example of how Petra used check-back to make sure she understood what her GP told her.”

“The health workers we spoke to were supportive of their patients using check-back. In fact, they told us there were benefits not just for their patients but also for themselves.”

“Practising check-back at home and in everyday life will help you build the habit of doing it when you visit a health worker.”

“Thank you for taking the time to do this course. We welcome your feedback.”

“Here are some links to other resources you might find interesting.”

“Scroll down to see what people told us about how hard it can be to understand or remember everything.”

(Note: iPhone users will need to tap twice on the Audio icons to activate)

“Do you check to get it right when you talk to a health worker?”

“How will you use check-back next time you visit a health worker?
You can download a personal handout to take with you to your appointment.
This will give you some prompts for checking back, remind you of what you want to ask and provide space for the health worker to write key points down.

The big question…

Understanding health information can also help keep you safe.


Watch what they both had to say about using check-back.


Here’s an example of how we already do this in our everyday life.

Perhaps you can relate to what these two consumers told us.

I try to
I want to
Most of the time

Which of these might prevent you from checking back?

Tick the boxes below that best describe your barriers.

Use this link to download some tips for using check-back with confidence
(document will open in a new window)

Here are some things you could say to your health worker to check you’ve understood correctly.

Choose one or two that you would be comfortable using:
After you've chosen your sentences, use the 'NEXT' button below to add them to your personal check-back help sheet.