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“Practising Check-back at home and in everyday life will help you build the habit of doing it when you visit a health worker.”

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“How will you use check-back next time you visit a health worker?
You can download your personal check-back help sheet to take with you to your appointment.
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This will give you some prompts for checking back, remind you of what you want to ask, and provide space for the health worker to write key points down.”

You can use check-back at any time, even if it’s to check something you were told earlier. Remember, the most important thing is that you understand what you need to do.
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Support Person

Take someone with you to your health appointment. Better yet, take someone who is comfortable asking questions. If they can’t come in person, they could join in by phone or video-link.


Ask for an interpreter. A professional health interpreter will translate the conversation between you and a health worker. They can be organised for any health appointment by the person who makes your appointment.

List of questions to ask your doctor

Make a list of questions and take them to your doctor. If you are getting new information, such as a change in medication, check back about how and when to take it before you leave. Don’t wait until your next appointment.

Ask your health worker to record or write down the information

Ask your health worker to write the information down for you. Or ask them if it is okay for you to record what they say on your phone. This can help you remember it later. You should always seek the health worker’s permission before recording on your phone.

More information
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Watch this video below if you would like more information about using check-back with an interpreter.
Watch this video below if you would like more information about the value of bringing a support person with you.

So, the next time you visit a health worker, take your check-back sheet with you and have a go!

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